Pro Gel Nail Kit

Pro Gel Nail Kit


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Pro Gel Nail Kit

Pro Gel Nail Kit

All of the tools for a Red Carpet - Ready gel Manicure. Professional LED Light - LED Curing of accessories and colour for a gel manicure in minutes.

The RCM Pro Gel Nail Polish Kit contains everything you need for a professional salon gel manicure in the comfort of your home. Our RCM Professional LED Light is especially designed to efficiently cure RCM Structure, LED Gel Polish and Brilliance in seconds. The Red Carpet - ready manicure will last weeks of long wear and shine.

The Red Carpet Manicure DIY Shellac Nail Kit gives your nails a long lasting shine and keeps them chip free for weeks.


  • Professional LED Light - LED Gel-Curing Light (AC Power Cord Adapter Included).
  • Prep This is the first step in getting the Hollywood Manicure, easy to apply and absorbs fast
  • Structure The base coat for the RCM Gel Nail Polish System
  • Brilliance Super shiny, long-lasting top coat that seals the Gel Polish
  • RevitalizeCuticle oil to keep your nails from drying out
  • Red Carpet Reddy - Gel Nail Polish
  • PurifyBefore and after gel nail polish application cleanser
  • Erase Gel Nail Polish Remover 
  • Red Carpet Manicure Instruction Manual

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How It Works:


Step 1 Preparation

  • Brush on Prep Max Adhesion Sanitizer to clean nails.

Step 2 Care & Color

  • Apply a thin coat of Structure BASE COAT GEL to your 4 nails. Leave the thumbs for last.
  • Cure in the Portable Light for 1 minute -OR- Cure in the Professional LED Light for 45 seconds.

  • Apply a thin coat of your choice of RCM COLOR.
  • Cure for 3 minutes (for dark shades) in the Portable Light; Cure for 2 minutes (for light shades) in the Portable Light -OR- Cure for 45 seconds in the Professional LED Light.
  • Repeat for second coat.

  • Apply a thin coat of Brilliance SEAL & SHINE TOP COAT GEL
  • Cure for 2 minutes in the Portable Light -OR- Cure for 45 seconds in the Professional LED Light.

Step 3 Finish

  • Remove tacky residue with Purify PRE & POST APPLICATION CLEANSER.


Step 1 Preparation

  • Buff the surface of the nail to break the top coat seal.

Step 2 Remove

  • Saturite a cotton ball with Erase GEL NAIL POLISH REMOVER.
  • Place on nail and wrap in aluminum foil.

  • Leave wrapped for 10 - 15 minutes.

  • Unwrap foil and slide off cotton.
  • Gently scrape off remaining color.

Step 3 Finish

  • Massage Revitalize NOURISHING CUTICLE OIL into the cuticle and natural nail.

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